Animated film based on the Chinese novel The Journey to the West.

Wind Boy

Currently in development

An adaptation of the beloved children’s novel by Ethel Cook Eliot, Jefferson Eliot’s grandmother. When Detra and her 2 children find themselves in a village, separated by war from husband and father, they make do the best they can while awaiting the day when they all will be re-united. They are soon joined by a young girl from the mountains who answers an ad to help Detra with the house and with the children — and a new way of life is breathed into their simple world. This girl brings with her a sense of comfort and trust, magic and innocence. She is welcomed into the family with open arms and hearts. And soon thereafter begins the wondrous story of their first and subsequent encounters with the Wind Boy, one of a group of fairies who allow themselves to be seen by only a few.

Team Julia

MOW developed with Sony Pictures Television for Lifetime TV

A group of thirteen women care for their friend with breast cancer. Working together via internet and Facebook, the women never meet until the end of their friend’s life.