Kalifornia Blu

Gritty, urban YA novel by Kendell Shaffer

Late at night, 15-year-old Kalifornia Blu is arrested for skateboarding at Venice beach skate park: after dark it’s trespassing (plus she kicks the cop). Her case is sent to Teen Court, where she is tried by a jury of her peers. When her mom, recording artist and tabloid bait Melanee Blu, doesn’t show up for her court date, the judge orders Kal to move in with her dad, Zachary, who she hasn’t seen since she was eight. To her horror, the judge also orders Kal to transfer to Police Academy High School.

This privileged Juvie dislikes cops, and dislikes kids who want to be cops even more. And she doesn’t think much of her dad, a limo driver who abandoned the family when she was young. Or did he? The world’s turning upside down around Kalifornia, and she has to move fast and think fast if she’s going to keep it together.

Kalifornia Blu is set in Venice Beach, California and based on real life programs: Teen Court, Police and Law Academy Magnet High Schools.



SCI-FI novel by Jefferson Eliot

One hundred years from now:

North America is being strangled by a vicious tyranny that dominates the coastlines and is tightening the noose on the fiercely independent tribes living inland. The tribes fight desperately for survival, but they are doomed.

One woman has the genius and the will to free North America:

ALEXANDRA, (early 30’s), chief of the ANASAZI tribe.

She will do it with a close group of extraordinary companions – on the backs of extraordinary machines: life-size dinosaurs built out of scrap airplane parts that possess a strange intelligence.

These are the T-WRECKS.

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