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One hour TV pilot sold to ABC Studios

17 year old, Kate Felix is arrested for tagging a Los Angeles department store. When her rock star mom doesn’t turn up at her court date, she has no choice but to track down her dad, Walker Felix who she hasn’t seen since she was eight. Kate finds Walker living on a boat in the Marina and working as a social worker keeping teens like Kate out of trouble. The judge orders Kate and Walker to live together. Kate has no idea how to be a daughter and Walker has no idea how to be a father, but the judge doesn’t care about that.


Affairs of State

Affairs of State; poster by JasperLark

One hour TV spec pilot

Every year fresh ingredients are tossed in the simmering cauldron of politics that is Washington DC. They’re called interns.

A few of them share an old Victorian on C Street. Ambitious and smart, they know that politics is hardball. But they are not prepared for the raw lust for power and the raw lust for sex that drives their bosses. Not that they disapprove; they just didn’t expect everyone in this town to be driven by the same demons they are.

Affairs of State was produced as a stage play in Los Angeles in 2008.








One hour TV spec pilot

MART (Multi Agency Response Team) is real. It is an elite team of Social Workers — but toss out any old assumptions about social work: MARTs cross-train with the police, FBI, DEA, ICE, US Marshals and other Federal agencies. They’re on the dawn raids that rescue children in volatile, potentially dangerous situations such as Meth labs, child porn rings and homes overrun by violent gangs.

MART Investigators do not carry guns, but they wear bullet-proof vests. There are 24 MARTs in LA County (18 women, 6 men), all with Masters degrees – and some with PhDs. Despite their education, they are typically paid half a cop’s salary.

MART was created five years ago in Los Angeles to bridge the gap – a huge procedural and cultural divide – between police and social services in how they respond to minors in danger. The success of the program has inspired cities across the country to begin developing their own MART teams.

Pilot Episode: Taking Down Hawaiian Gardens

MART investigators are called to the scene of a cop killing. A little girl is the only witness, and she’s too traumatized to talk. A MART investigator is able to get the truth from her: the shooter was a gang member in Hawaiian Gardens, a particularly brutal city south of LA. The police target and destroy the gang in retaliation. The huge scale of the raid results in dozens of children being rescued by MART. The police and D.A.’s are happy to find their conviction rates spike on this case, a success they attribute to the solid evidence gathered by MART. Children’s knowledge of crimes is permissible in court and it turns out these kids see and remember a lot on the harsh streets of the hood.


Wonder Valley

One hour TV spec pilot

David Felix was a punk rocker living in Hollywood. Did okay — couple of albums, married a singer, SKYE, whose career took off… while his career slid downhill. He started drinking, used prostitutes, abused drugs, then dealt drugs… his connections in the music industry finally paid off: he was the go-to guy for all sorts of illegal stuff.

Skye left him, taking their young daughter, KATE. Alcohol numbed Walker’s despair. Then ten years later, when he accidentally burned his house to the ground, something snapped inside him: he had to get sober and kick-start a new life.

But what could he do? He was too old to resurrect his music career. All he knew was crime. So he bought a new identity from a master forger, including all paperwork necessary to start a new life as WALKER SOLOMON — with a fake past as a former policeman.

The desert seemed a good place to dry out. He headed for Wonder Valley, a dusty stretch of scrubby desert near Joshua Tree where he had lived as a foster kid. He joined the Twentynine Palms police department. His fellow officers were blown away by his understanding of criminal behavior, little thinking that was the easy part… the tough part for Walker was getting his head around being a cop.



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